That's a horrible way for a therapist to talk to you - it reminds me of the one time I saw a psychiatrist and he was just incredibly condescending. I never went back to him. My current therapist is a lovely middle aged woman with big crazy curly hair like my mama's and she's wonderful and gently has been pushing me to… »9/10/13 1:47pm9/10/13 1:47pm


all the apologists attacking me for being upset is honestly a pretty bad sign. im more upset that i enjoy PA and PAX than anything, if I didn't give a fuck about them why would I care? it makes me sad that mike essentially just called me not a person and my response was to demand justice. my only other option was to… »6/22/13 12:52pm6/22/13 12:52pm

as a friend of mine said after i showed him the trans/gender comments: he's probably just completely ignorant. however, until he educates himself and apologizes I'm done with supporting PAX or anything to do with penny arcade and I'll be trying to get others to do the same. »6/21/13 6:15pm6/21/13 6:15pm